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Caves and Spelunking


Caves are a natural wonder. The variety and vastness of caves give us a sense of adventure and draw us into the excitement of exploring. Whether the cave is owned by a park or is a local hole in the rocks we all want to know whatís inside and how far it goes into the ground.

Different parts of a cave appeal to all of us. Caves allow us to explore new and exciting rock formations since each cave is different. Some are so small that the rear of the cave is visible from the entrance. Other caves are so deep that no one has ever found the end. Several caves offer historical importance such as the caves of Native Americans. While other caves offer geological importance. Most of all, people like to see the strange and unique formations that can only be found in caves. Stalactites, stalagmites, and columns are the most well know cave formations that travelers want to see.

Different types of caves can be very exciting. If a traveler is willing to get wet, he can explore underwater caves. These can be very challenging to explore since many are not accessible without scuba diving. Volcanic caves can also be fun as they offer more unique and strange formations. The history of the volcano and how the cave was formed can be seen in this type of cave.

A traveler thatís never visited a cave before and has no rock climbing or spelunking experience should only go to a cave that is operated by a national or state park. These caves have guided tours and safety procedures in place that make exploring fun without big risks.

If a traveler is looking to explore caves on his own he should look for a destination known to have many caves rather than an actual cave itself. These caves most likely wonít have tours and guides so travelers will be free to explore with more challenge. A traveler should use caution going to a cave that isnít guided. There are many precautions that he or she should take before spelunking on their own. Never go into a cave without someone who has a lot of experience spelunking. Always travel with one or more people when exploring a cave in case someone is injured or gets stuck in a difficult area of the cave. Always bring a basic first aid kit, as well as plenty of food and water. Flashlights, lanterns, or headlamps are necessary when going to visit a dark or deep cave. If a traveler is going to visit a cave that might require rock climbing, ropes and harnesses need to be available. A rope or long ball of heavy string is also a good idea when visiting a cave that the explorer has not visited before. Tied to an entrance the rope can be followed as a way to find the entrance to the cave again.

Featured Caves

Tourist Attraction Category Tourist Attraction Type Venue Name Hours of Operation Price Range Rating Value Rating Tourist Attraction Description
Land Tourist Attractions Caves JAVA LOTUS TRAVEL, Tour Service & Tour Operator Afternoon Only $50 3 Star Rated 3 Star Rated Cerme Cave is situated in Srunggo Village, Selopamioro Village, Sub District of Imogiri, or about 15 km south east of Bantul. Yogyakarta.
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Tourist Attraction Category Tourist Attraction Type Venue Name Hours of Operation Price Range Rating Value Rating Tourist Attraction Description
Land Tourist Attractions Caves Nikau Cave Morning to Evening $25 Not Rated Not Rated 1 km of spectcular stalactites, stagmites and glowworms. Small groups, personalised tours. The cave is in its natural state and a good level of fitness is needed.
Land Tourist Attractions Caves New Zealand Holiday Card Morning to Evening $200 Not Rated Not Rated 10% disocunt with your NZ Holidaycard a private caving tour to see glow worms. Green Glow Caves
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