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Pirate sailing - Dalmacijatour - Omis

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 Omis Tourist Attractions
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Venue Name: Pirate sailing - Dalmacijatour
Address 1: Dalmacijatour - travel agency
Address 2:
City: Omis
State / Province:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Website: More Information about Pirate sailing - Dalmacijatour

Tourist Attraction Category Tourist Attraction Type Venue Name Hours of Operation Price Range Rating Value Rating Tourist Attraction Description
Water Tourist Attractions Sailing Pirate sailing - Dalmacijatour Morning to Evening $25 Not Rated Not Rated Become a pirate for a day! Dear Guest! Become a pirate for a day and take with you smell the sea and pirate freedom, which will forever flow in your veins. Grasp the challenges and we will ride Omis pirates centuries-old sailboat
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